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How to Get Started Right – In Leading Every Man A Warrior

Every Man A Warrior Story

  • The Every Man A Warrior Story is a testimony of how God used 25 years of trials and suffering to write the Every Man A Warrior curriculum into the heart of author Lonnie Berger. All men will face hard times in life. The Every Man A Warrior Story gives men hope that through endurance and the encouragement of Scripture they can find God and win the battles they fight.

Men's Ministry That Works #1

Men's Ministry That Works #2

These three videos are foundational to know "WHY" and "HOW" to have a successful men's ministry


  • From New York to Kansas several pastors and men's ministry leaders share how God has used Every Man A Warrior to transform the lives of men in their church and men's ministries.

  • Doug Redford, On Campus Pastor Small Groups/Men's Ministry of Ada Bible Church (8,500 attendee's and 3 campuses), provides a powerful testimony on how mens lives have been transformed through the ministry of Every Man A Warrior.

  • Andy grew up with an alcoholic mother and dad in prison. Struggling to trust people, Andy found himself making a series of bad decisions. When Andy joined an Every Man A Warrior group at his church, Ada Bible, he learned to feel God's love. He began to get the healing that comes from knowing and walking with God. Hear his story.

  • I was a great success, according to worldly standards, and was also strongly connected to our church. My whole priority focus was not on God; it was on succeeding in this world by worldly standards. The pressures of working seventy hours a week, and stepping up to the obligations to my family and community was like a pressure cooker ready to explode. God used this Every Man A Warrior process to bring me a new direction and through it, He began the process to saving my marriage.


Lonnie Berger - Men's Ministry Messages