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EMAW can be purchased in English or Spanish

If you are on a hand-held device, please go to the upper right hand corner, of your screen, and click on the "Hamburger Menu" icon.  This will bring up the options for your review.

Every Man A Warrior is in English and has been translated into Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Czechoslovakian and (book 1 into Mongolian).  The English and Spanish versions, of EMAW, can be purchased through this website and it is available as a complete set or can be purchased as separate books.  Just click on the option that best fits your need.  

With the English version, the verse pack is bundled with Book One as a separate item.  With the Spanish version, the verses are printed at the back of each book and are perforated to allow you to individually remove them and place them in the case that is attached in the back page of Book One.

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