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Apparel with EMAW Embroidered Logo


Thread Logic is now authorized to handle our EMAW embroidered apparel and they serve the EMAW Ministry well.  

Click HERE to purchase apparel items with embroidered logos. You'll be taken to the Thread Logic website for purchases.  Please browse through their many categories and select the items you prefer and choose the style.  Select the color, the quantity and the size.  Then select “Logo is on file” and ADD TO CART.  During the order process, in the box labeled ORDER/LOGO NOTES, please enter the words “EMAW Logo”, so they know what logo to use.  

If your order does not amount to $300, there is a small order processing fee of $35.  This fee can be waived, if you are willing to wait for delivery, by using the Coupon Code "EMAW".  As other EMAW embroidery orders come in, Thread Logic will wait until the accumulated orders amount to $300 and ship them at the same time.  After you enter your User Name and Password, during the check out process, you will see the Coupon Code box and enter the letters - EMAW.

If your budget will allow the $35 processing fee, for an order under $300, you won’t need the coupon code and the order can be processed as a normal order.  Thread Logic will send you a confirmation and the items will be sent to you via whatever shipping you specified.   That's it - very simple!

Thread Logic is located in central U.S. and has wonderful referrals.  Go to "Thread Logic" to see their complete products and services. If you have ANY questions, please call their friendly customer service experts at 800-347-1612.

Apparel with Sublimated Dye

If you or your group would like to have your apparel fully sublimated with your own unique graphics, we are working with Nat Sub Apparel to fulfill that.  The items, shown above, are examples of sublimated shirts: 

  • The first two items pictured are the front and back of a suggested Men's Ministry Group.  
  • The second two items being the front and back of a suggested Theme Shirt.  

Select whatever tasteful image or picture you desire to have your apparel infused with; the options are endless and open to your creativity and will be a great way to express your love for Christ.

Nat Sub Apparel has the Every Man A Warrior logo for placement on any apparel item you might select.  Each product can be customized with your own unique graphics.

Click HERE to purchase apparel items with sublimated dye. You'll be taken to the Nat Sub Apparel website for information, review or purchase.

  • Click on the picture of the item you are interested in
  • Upload the Customization File
  • Select the Type of Fabric and the Quantity of Each Size
  • Then Add it to Your Cart


Conference Accessories - Sublimated

National Sublimation has several Every Man A Warrior display items available for you.  Select from Table covers, Flags, Fabric & Vinyl Banners, Fabric Background Displays, Retractable Banners, Vehicle Wraps and more.

There are suggested examples, for your to review, under each category.  Each product can be customized with your own unique graphics and they have the EMAW Logo available for use.

Click HERE to purchase conference accessories and other sublimated items. You will be asked to set up your account by assigning a User Name and Password and taken to the National Sublimation website for information, review and purchase.

  • The purpose of TWR is to assist the Church to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all peoples, and to do so by using and making available mass media to:

    * Proclaim the gospel of salvation to as many people as possible.
    * Instruct believers in biblical doctrine and daily Christ-like living.
    * Model our message through our corporate and cooperative relationships.