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Please Read Before Purchasing

*   Purchase the first three books of the English curriculum as a complete set or as separate books.  Book One always comes with the Verse Pack.

*   Every Man A Pure Warrior (Book Four) is sold separately through this website.  

*   The verse pack is bundled into the "Book One Kit" and the "EMAW Set - or purchased separately.  

*   The verses are printed on perforated pages in the back of each of the Spanish books.  They can be removed and placed in the case attached in the back page of Book One.

EMAW in the U.S.

In the U.S. Every Man A Warrior is available in English and Spanish.  

EMAW Around the World

*  Around the World, full EMAW Sets are available in 12 other languages - French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Lithuanian, Albanian, Norwegian, Romanian.

*  The Every Man A Warrior Polish, Danish and Serbian resources are currently only available in Book One. 

*  If you are traveling to other countries or desire EMAW in a language other than English or Spanish, please let us know so that we can connect you with leaders and resources in other parts of the world.



The EMAW Verse Pack comes in the purchase price of the Book 1 Kit and the Every Man A Warrior Set.  It contains all the course verses.  If you lose your verse pack you can buy it separately for $7.99.


The Leader Verse Pack is an optional second set of 30 verses to help EMAW Leaders increase their skill in discipling men.  This pack does not come with a case.


“If you buy 20 or more complete Every Man A Warrior Sets the price is reduced 10% to $39.97 per set.  Your credit card will be reimbursed $4.00 per set.  It normally takes 24-48 hours for the reimbursement to show up on your credit card.”


Books that are returned should be sent to: Every Man A Warrior - 4435 O Street, Ste 100 -  Lincoln, NE 68510 with a copy of the EMAW order.  There is a 20% restocking fee for returned books.

If you have problems with your order contact us at: or call 1-402-420-0300. 

Other EMAW Store Items

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