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Cultivating Holy Beauty

Cultivating Holy Beauty is discipleship curriculum designed for women. It is a series of five courses intended to help women develop a deep and intimate relationship with God, along with equipping them with the skills to go and teach other women to do the same! (Matthew 22:36-38; Matthew 28:16-20)

Book 1,"Intimacy with Jesus" walks a woman through HOW to have a Quiet Time and WHY it is vital to spend time with Jesus every day. As a woman begins to purposefully make time with God every day in her busy schedule, she begins to trust His character and believe His promises! This is how we learn to fulfill the First and Greatest Commandment found in Matthew 22:36-38.

Book 2,"Letting the Healer Heal" helps a woman understand how to surrender both her past and present wounds to God, and walk in forgiveness. The ministry of Jesus was to bind up the brokenhearted and set captives free–all through faith and truth (Isaiah 61:1-3). "Letting the Healer Heal" biblically explains the effects of unaddressed pain and sin, how bitterness sets in, and what to do about it.

Book 3,"Walking in the New Life" explains how sin is an outward manifestation of unaddressed wounds in the heart. To walk in freedom from sinful patterns in your life, one must first be healed of any personal wounds. After experiencing healing, you must know how to continue moving toward your God-given design by not allowing hurts to take root and turn into bitterness, causing a hardening of your heart (Isaiah 61 and Psalm 38:3-11).

Book 4, ''Identity in Jesus–From the Inside Out" helps a woman rebuild the foundation of her heart by taking a deeper look at Proverbs 31. As heart wounds begin to heal, she begins to plant good seeds in her heart of just WHO God created her to be from the inside out (Proverbs 31:10- 31).

Book 5, "A Spiritual Ally in Marriage" when a woman's identity is firmly rooted in Christ, she is no longer defined by the standards of the world. She now stands on the firm foundation of a relationship with God, truly stepping into the wife she was designed to be–a spiritual ally for her husband and children through a humble heart bowed low in reverential prayer before her KING.

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