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"I wish I had known these lessons from Every Man A Warrior in the early years of our marriage. It would have equipped me to do so much better as a husband and father. This study is a must for every man at any age. The material is tried and tested. It works! It is never too late to start building a better family!

Jerry E. White
PhD. and Chairman U.S. Board of Directors, The Navigators

"Men deal with issues every day that test their core values, integrity and spiritual manhood. Issues like financial management, suffering, sex, moral purity, work and making one’s life count is the stuff that shapes a man’s character. Every Man a Warrior hits these gut issues head on with no sugar coating.

Lauren Libby
President and CEO of Trans World Radio International

"Lonnie, I took several hours tonight to read Every Man A Warrior. It is absolutely amazing and so full of practical wisdom. I praise God for the work he has done through you in the writing of this material. Now more than ever I hope thousands of men go through it. I know it will be transforming in their lives.

Don Bartel
Navigator and U.S. Metro Ministry Leader

"In the past 15 years, I have worked with many different ministry materials designed to assist in discipling men. Some have been very good; however, all have been lacking a key step. None provided a well-designed method that would encourage and enable men to have a daily Quiet Time in God's Word. That’s the key in helping men’s lives change. Every Man A Warrior has given me that missing step.

John Degner
Metro Director (CBMC) Christian Businessmen Connection Lincoln, NE

"Every Man a Warrior brings the disciple making process to where men live, “where the rubber meets the road.” It teaches men how to apply biblical principals in managing money, marriage, and raising children. It helps them understand their wives, their woundedness, personal purity, integrity at work and living for that which is eternal. Every Man a Warrior is a tool that gives men what they need to spiritually grow and become the husband, father, and man that God intended them to be.

Jim Bender
Jim Bender Trucking Inc.

A Letter to Pastors from a Pastor

Dear Pastor,

Let’s face it, as pastors we are busy. To be effective, we need to focus our time and energy on those things that have the biggest eternal value and can provide leadership benefits down the road. There are a lot of excellent discipleship materials available for men, but in my twenty-plus years of mentoring men, I’ve never seen one set of materials prepare and build men as effectively as Every Man A Warrior.

Change the men in your church, and you’ll change your church; easier said than done because God does the changing. But Every Man A Warrior puts your men in a process where God can transform and mature them, developing future leaders along the way. From practical training and ongoing accountability in quiet time and scripture memorization to “rubber-meets-the-road” issues of marriage, money and children, Every Man A Warrior does it.

Every Man A Warrior was field tested in our church. Although all of the men in our group are different, each man has made measurable progress in both practical and spiritual areas. Marriages have been strengthened, financial management and generosity have been applied; some have skyrocketed in their personal walk with God, others have come into the reality of how God is using suffering in their lives.

The common denominator has been the accountability and practical application designed into the course. This material is the total package. Get it, and watch God transform your men… and your church.

Eric Matty
Associate Pastor
Real Life Church
Roseville, MN

What Men Say about Every Man A Warrior

"Mr. Berger,
I just want to let you know how much I appreciated the Every Man A Warrior book. I could go on and on about how much this has changed my life, relationship with my lovely wife and amazing children. This book gave me the practical walk with God I so needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am forever a changed Warrior!
Robert  M., Nebraska

This resource (Every Man A Warrior) you've created is worth well over $250, I tell every guy I meet that!!!!!!! The stories you weave in... The leaders guide... the encouragement ... Satan doesn't want you to do it...  The chapter “Why Men Fail” was incredible... Hold the bar high!
Nathaniel K., Colorado

Three of the men in our group are having life changing growth from theEvery Man A Warrior study. For the first time in their lives they are having meaningful quiet times with God, and definitely growing in leading their families. As well as growing towards becoming leaders in the church.
Mike B., South Dakota

I am ordering 10 copies of Every Man A Warrior for our men. I showed them the book and they are excited to begin this discipleship study.
Charles S., Texas

Just a note to say thanks for the work you did on the Every Man A Warrior Bible Study.  I'm really encouraged about this study!  I like the stories you included and the way you organized it.  Go Huskers!
Kevin J., Ohio

I came back from the summer conference and got started with a fellow and then another and so on and starting next week we will have 4 groups of about 5 each going. Thanks Lonnie for such a great tool to use in spiritual growth and discipleship.
Elmo J., Oklahoma

Good afternoon, I want you to know I really enjoyed this study and found it challenged me to be a better husband and father. Thank you for putting this together, and may God bless.
David. B, Stratcom-Military

What Pastors Say

"Having been involved in discipling men for more than 30 years, I believe Every Man a Warrior to be the most practical discipling tool I’ve seen. We began a pilot study last year with 14 men – we just went over the 100 mark of men (in a church of 500) who have been or are presently involved in an Every Man a Warrior group. It will be a staple for our Men’s Ministries for years to come!

Larry Yeoman, Associate Pastor Ankeny Free Church, Iowa

"Our church was looking for an effective tool to train more male leaders and Every Man a Warrior has proven invaluable. We’ve never had a men's class with so many men participating.  In fact the number of men who stay for Sunday school class has doubled since we began using this course. Thanks for this very practical, hands-on resource!

 Joel Barber, Head Pastor Marysville Berean Church, Kansas

"Many men's Bible studies are information rich and behavior poor.  But Every Man a Warrior focuses on action. This focus has made Every Man a Warrior the most fruitful men’s ministry group we have run.

Jim Congdon, Lead Pastor Topeka Bible Church, Kansa

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