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"WHY" Every Man A Warrior "WORKS"

The EMAW Process: Making Disciples to the 3rd and 4th Generation

These two videos are foundational to know "WHY" and "HOW" to have a successful men's ministry


  • Doug Redford, On Campus Pastor Small Groups/Men's Ministry of Ada Bible Church (8,500 attendee's and 3 campuses), provides a powerful testimony on how mens lives have been transformed through the ministry of Every Man A Warrior.

  • Andy grew up with an alcoholic mother and dad in prison. Struggling to trust people, Andy found himself making a series of bad decisions. When Andy joined an Every Man A Warrior group at his church, Ada Bible, he learned to feel God's love. He began to get the healing that comes from knowing and walking with God. Hear his story.


Lonnie Berger - Men's Ministry Messages

  • The purpose of TWR is to assist the Church to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all peoples, and to do so by using and making available mass media to:

    * Proclaim the gospel of salvation to as many people as possible.
    * Instruct believers in biblical doctrine and daily Christ-like living.
    * Model our message through our corporate and cooperative relationships.