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Every Man A Warrior is a discipleship Bible study that “Helps Men Succeed in Life".  It deals with the battles that men fight every day and how God has solutions.  90% of a man's life energy will be spent on: Money, Marriage, Raising Children, Sex, Moral Purity, Work, Going through Hard Times and how to walk with God and make their life count for the eternal.  EMAW builds into men the biblical principles and practical life skills to succeed in these areas of life.  Once these biblical truths take root in a man he begins to immediately have opportunity to minister to the men at the office and in the neighborhood since almost all men struggle with these same issues.

Since 2011, Every Man A Warrior has sold 150,000 books in 13 languages into 33 different countries.  Men are crying out for answers on "how to make life work!" and the EMAW Process, can guide them to those answers.

The Every Man A Warrior ministry joined TWR in 2017 in order to take discipleship around the world. 

  • The purpose of TWR is to assist the Church to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all peoples, and to do so by using and making available mass media to:

    * Proclaim the gospel of salvation to as many people as possible.
    * Instruct believers in biblical doctrine and daily Christ-like living.
    * Model our message through our corporate and cooperative relationships.